A&S Baronial 2015

A&S 2015 Baron & Baroness
The new Baron Claudius and his consort Baroness Duibheasa

The Arts & Sciences Baronial Tournament was a resounding success. Stewarded by THL Una and THL William within their condo-community really added a touch rarely witnessed by the Barony! Although a bit of sadness was had as the populace learned Lord Martinson and Lady Davanzati, along with their family, would be leaving the Western Seas – everyone did celebrate with the aloha we are well known for.

The tournament is judged blindly – none of the judges knew who submitted what, with the exception of THL William’s performances. All entries are accompanied by documentation showing period sources, any modern concessions (if needed), and is otherwise anonymous.

A&S Entries & Results

  • Baron Claudius (winner with average score: 275/300)
    • a medicinal balm
    • an entry of bread
    • another entry of bread
  • THL Una (average score: 265/300)
    • a bottle of mead
    • a silk banner
    • a felt cross-body bag
  • THL William (average score: 263/300)
    • a shield
    • bardic presentation
    • bardic presentation

You can read more and see more pictures about the entire A&S in this issue of the Runestone.

Baron Claudius had asked THL Duibheasa to be his consort should he win out, and she agreed. Huzzah to our new Baron and Baroness of Western Seas!