Back to the Medieval Age SoS

Gather to welcome newcomers and share with them the wonders of the Middle Ages. Bring your friends for a day of fun escapism! Please come prepared to briefly introduce your persona; your name, time period, background, or anything else you would like to share; and bring something you like to do that can be demonstrated in about 5-15 minutes. This can be a song, dance, craft project, something edible, or combat. This is an opportunity to share your skills and have fun, so it would be great if it is something that you could let others try. You may bring archery gear to display. This park may be suited to archery, or we may be able to set up an archery range at my nearby property, a few minutes from the park. By all means, pack your swords and things for unarmored combat. Bring feast gear and a potluck dish from the Medieval culture and time period of your choice. Please bring a card with the name and date of your dish, plus anything else you would like to share, so that we can create a timeline of food. The hope is to get newcomers interested in the SCA, so if you have extra feast gear or garb that newcomers could borrow, that would be great!


March 11, 2017; 11am to 4pm


Laupahoehoe Pt. County Park, Old Mamalahoa Rd., Laupahoehoe, HI 96764


FREE for all!


Event Schedule: (flexible)
Feast (about 12-1 pm)
Art & Science demonstrations
Unarmored Combat demonstration
Archery – if weather permits


Lady Honoria