Castle North Turns Japanese

Castle North Grand Prize Tourney, fox hunt
Mistress Genevieve (holding the leash of the “fox”) stands while Sir Richard poses with his latest conquest.

For a day, most of the populace of the Barony of Western Seas turned Japanese during the Castle North Grand Prize Tourney held on ninth day of July. An inspection of the field resulted in soft turf without the typical moisture found years past. Also, the grasses had recently been cut, the landscapers leaving cuttings in scattered rows resulting in some interesting footing – nothing the gathered couldn’t manage. So as the early day matured to mid morning, thus did the event begin.

Early comers did help rid the area of stray foxes – some colored black, others silver, and a couple copper. Astride the trusty steed, Blu, volunteers shot arrows to protect the gathering. There were other contests as well, from Haiku writing to Sumo wrestling, and of course, light combat using traditional shinai. Festivities were light, fun, entertaining and educational. In particular were the Bon Dance lessons and calligraphy portions. With visitors from afar, newcomers, and a curious member of the modern age – nature did cooperate with the best of sun, the gentlest of trade winds, and not a drop of rain all day.

If you are a member of the Barony of Western Seas, visit the private Facebook group for images and write-ups by the Event Stewards, Mistress Genevieve la Minstrelle and Sir Marco Valerio di Bartolomeo along with pictures and videos posted by various attendees. If you are not a member of the Barony, or the SCA, you will have to wait for the next issue of the Runestone which will be delivered toward the end of August.