Elevation of a Pelican

Her Royal Majesty A’isha bestowing the Order of the Pelican medallion to Her Excellency Duibheasa.

Invited to the Order of the Pelican during the Springtime Fair, Her Excellency, Duibheasa Ingen ui hÉalaighthe, did join them!

Through the years, Duibheasa Ingen ui hÉalaighthe has repeatedly shown through her willingness to learn, lead and teach; she did support and further the cause of the Barony of Western Seas and the Kingdom of Caid. She has sacrificed immeasurable time and resources to help develop, and support the Barony, enriching the lives of all within. We celebrate her elevation, and applaud her in all of her efforts. A well deserved surprise and addition to the Peerage of the Pelican!

You can read about the event in the Runestone (read Vol. III, Iss. II) with other photographs of the ceremony.