Event Stewardship

Members of the Barony are allowed to organize and host events. In the past this was called being an Event Autocrat, however this term has been traded for the preferred, Event Steward. Event Stewards volunteer their time and services to organize engaging events which not only spur activity from members of our group, but also inspires non-members to participate and perhaps, join us.

Events are held for many reasons…

  • To commemorate a visitation by dignitaries (eg. a Royal Visitation, travelers from other kingdoms, etc.)
  • To educate through demonstrations to the general public or groups (eg. holding a booth display at conventions, performing combat rituals for schools)
  • To gather in celebration of special events or periods (eg. Twelfth Night, Solstice)
  • To win awards through skills, knowledge and/or combat (eg. Baronial Tournaments, Prize Tournies, Warbands)

Even fighter practices and sewing bees are events which are mainly hosted by Cantons or the Barony. These, too, have Stewards who make sure requirements are met, and everyone has a good time.

Each event, even those repeated annually, are unique and need to be directed by individuals to ensure the event is educational, enjoyable, and a success for all involved. Planning these events can be done in many ways depending on the Steward(s) involved, but there are some common factors to consider.

Event Submission Form

Events are submitted to the Seneschal for approval. Once approved, that information is passed on to Kingdom and other Baronial officers for publishing in various places as necessary. The form below is to help expedite this process. Please do not send your Event Submission to anyone other than the Baronial Seneschal. Submission to any other party will result in rejection and things will have to start all over. By using this form, you are ensuring all of the information required to qualify for SCA Insurance and any Awards (should they be given) is being submitted to the correct person. Thank you!

  • Submit your event as soon as possible. Two and a half months is preferred.
  • Only submit your event once. The Seneschal will contact you if more information is needed.
  • Personal Information is published only by request and with added material. See notes below.
  • An Event Email will be created if one doesn’t already exist. You may request a custom email, but that is at the discretion of the Baronial Webwright.
  • The red asterix * denotes a required field. You will not be able to send the form if all required fields are not filled.

Steward Information

If yes, please fill out the Co-Steward Information section.

Co-Steward Information (optional)

If Personal Information is desired to be used publicly, the Personal Information Release waiver needs to be filled out and submitted via a separate email to the Seneschal.

Event Information

Is this a multi-day event? If yes, please choose the end-date as well.
If this is an overnight event, simply put the end time on the last day.

Please use whole amounts.
If there is no Registration, please put "FREE".

: A brief description of the event.
: The populace finds it helpful if you have a schedule.
: You may include driving directions here. When posted to the Baronial Calendar, a GoogeMap is automatically associated with the Venue Address.

Before you hit that button, please know that all effort will be made to include your information as submitted where needed to help promote and advertise your Event. Please keep in mind, information may be edited for inclusion in printed materials due to space concerns.