King Wins Deed to Bard’s Keep

HRM Athanaric Thaurismunths Sunus
His Royal Majesty Anthanaric on “horseback” shooting at “livestock” during the Siege of Bard’s Keep

With the bravado of the defeated, the Deed to Bard’s Keep and the minuscule treasures of the Canton, were awarded to His Majesty King Athanaric Thaurismunths Sunus as he and his team did beat down the defenders of the keep in various activities and engagements. His Majesty did turn the deed over to Baron Claudius for safe keeping – but the Canton of Bard’s Keep doth intend to win it back in the future. From “catapulting” water balloons at “invaders” to firing at “livestock” from “horseback” – the entire populace found this event to be engaging, challenging, and most of all – FUN!

Autocrats Lady Æsa Knarrabringa and Lord Andrew of Fairburn were caught off guard by some early miscommunication – but the entire siege, entourage, and populace were kindly escorted by Modern Police to a new site! The caravan was quite impressive! Once at the new site, setup was quick, and court immediately held by the graces of Their Majesties. Honorary guests, the Barons of Gyldenholt, were also in attendance – and all were in for a treat as Master Giles Hill agreed to be acting Herald for the day.

With music, song, feast, sport and combat – the siege turned out to be one of the most memorable events in recent times. You can read more about the entire event, and view images in this issue of the Runestone.

Awards presented during this event:

  • Royal Recognition of Excellence
    • Baron Claudius Brudus di Bartolomeo
    • Baroness Duibhease ingen ui hÉalaighthe
  • Order of the Acorn
    • Zandra of Western Seas
    • Jessica of Western Seas
    • James of Western Seas
    • Lillian of Western Seas
    • Gabriel of Western Seas