Runestone – Special Edition

Runestone, Vol. 3, Special Edition
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Fresh off the digital presses! The Special Edition issue of the Runestone celebrating 50 years of the SCA is now available here on this website! This Special Edition features a daily journal by Her Excellency, Mistress Duibheasa, as she made the journey across sea, mountains and plains on her pilgramage to the 50 Year Celebration in the Middle Kingdom. Also in this issue are special tidbits submitted from those who have been with the Barony of Western Seas from its earliest days – including a very special submission from the other side of The Veil!

As with all other issues, the Runestone is the official newsletter of the Barony of Western Seas, and can only be found here – we are no longer distributing the files via our public and private social media groups. This is to avoid version confusion as well as redundancy on the internet while establishing this website as _the_ source for information about the Barony of Western Seas.

Visit the Runestone page, or click the link under the image.

If a hi-res version of the Runestone is needed for printing purposes, don’t hesitate to contact the Chronicler.