Twelfth Night Celebration

Baron Claudius conferring with Lords and Ladies of the Barony of Western Seas during the 12th Night of his reign.

Each new Baron and Baroness get to enjoy their first official event at the Twelfth Night Celebration of their reign. They make suggestions to the Stewards about theme, color, decor, and sometimes the menu. It is a formal event the entire populace of the Barony looks forward to each year. Some travel from Cantons on the neighbor islands to participate.

During this reign of Baron Claudius and Baroness Duibheasa, the Twelfth Night was a masque, and themed with tinctures gules (red), sable (black) and or (gold) to honor His Excellency. A new venue was used this year – the event held at the Waipahu United Church of Christ’s Community Hall. Mistress Raven of Heronsmarsh wrote a lovely article about the event for the Runestone (read Volume 3, Iss. 1), with images provided by His Excellency Baron Claudius and Lady Sadhbh.

Memorable moments of the event included…

  • Mistress Genevieve and Her Excellency Duibheasa’s duet with lutes
  • THLord Robin Greenwood of Arden and his poetry recital
  • Juggling duo Kinetic Flow’s performances, a gift to the Barony from Mistress Genevieve
  • Caroling and singing led by Master Daven, THL William, and Lord Geoffrey of Camlann

Awards that were presented during court:

  • Wa’a Oar recipients
    • Lady Æsa Knarrarbringa
    • Lord Jörgen Unruh
    • Lady Sadhbh inghean Uí Conghal
  • Argent Comet recipient
    • Lady Viviana of Peridot Isle